Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fast and Furious

Abi was so excited to train for and participate in the 6th grade track meet this Spring.  Each year the four elementary schools that funnel into her Middle School hold a track meet.  Abi is both fast and a good distance runner so it was hard for her to pick what to compete in.  But each participant could only compete in one individual race, one relay and one field event.  Abi chose to run the 200, the 4X100, and the shuttle run. Abi worked hard training both at school and running after school.
First Place Speed Demons: Kayci Barfuss, Karley Greer, MaKenzie Welch, and Abi Meek.  
The night before the meet I took Abi and her three friends to the track to practice exchanges and to get a feeling for the track.  Then on meet day they were speed demons blowing up the track.  During their first heat a bumbled handoff left them about 20 meters behind but Abi, running the final leg, shot out of her handoff and made up the difference racing by the competition to win.  Then in their final Abi's team again blew away the field and Abi sprinted down the track to a first place finish.

Abi's last race of the day was the 200 meter final.  Unfortunately she was on the far outside land and started a little slow.  When they hit the strait away she took off but was just a skosh behind Kayci Barfuss, her teamate from the relay.  Abi was moving so fast that if she had 10 more meters she would have beat her.
I was so proud watching my little speed demon tear up the track.  I think she had a great time and is looking forward to running track in Middle School.
May 16, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Leah was so excited when she came home from preschool with this little gift for me.  She knows how much I love flowers so she was thrilled to present this one to me.
We kept it in the cup for a few days and then moved it out in front of her fairy house in the front garden.
One of my favorite summertime activities is roasting marshmallows when we go camping.  I just cannot get enough of roasted marshmallows.  I also just love hanging around the fire and spending time with my family.  So for Mother's Day this year, my sweet family treated me to a fire pit table.  We love going out and roasting marshmallows, drinking icees or just watching the flames.  Thank you for a great Mother's Day.

Happy 12th Birthday Abi

It is hard to believe that this little chubby cheeked cutie has grown up to be our lovely young lady.  Twelve years has flown by too quickly.  The chubby cheeks are gone but the sweetness remains.

It is hard to know what to buy for a young lady but you can't go wrong with clothes.  I had a fun time picking out a new outfit for Abi to wear to Young Women's for her first Sunday.  Her birthday was on a Saturday so she didn't have to wait too long.  For her birthday breakfast she chose Chunky Monkey pancakes, Yum!
She also was so excited to attend the temple and perform baptisms for the dead for the first time.  Luckily her dad is in the Bishopric and could interview her Saturday morning, right before we left.  What a great opportunity to go and watch her be baptized and confirmed by her father as a proxy for those that have gone before.
Abi's birthday was also her Spring Recital with her ballet school.  The theme was "The Secret Garden" and Abi danced gracefully as a lilac.  We love watching her dance, she is improving so much.  She graduates to pointe next week and it so excited to go buy her new shoes.
Abi wanted a banana cake for her birthday.  She gave me creative direction in decorating so I just continued on with the ballet theme.  We enjoyed a lovely party with our family on Sunday afternoon.
The chubby cheeks may be gone, but Abi will always be our sweet little Bunkins.

10 Things about Abi
1.  She has a sweet, kind, loving, empathetic personality.  (Well most of the time, she is approaching teenage years.)  She is usually quick to help me out with cooking or babysitting.   She is a good friend and always thinking of nice things to do for them.  
2.  She is such a graceful dancer.  I know I've said it before, but I just love to watch her dance.  She moves so lightly and with such poise and spirit.  Even when she stands normally it is with toes turned out.  Abi is super excited to get new pointe shoes and begin pointe training this month.
3. Abi continues to love reading and academics in general.  Currently she is a big fan on fantasy but also enjoys historical fiction.  Some of her recent favorites include: When you Reach Me, Fly Girl, Reckless and Ender's Game.
4.  Abi's piano playing is hitting a new level.  She swears that she hates it and that it is stupid, but when she calms down and puts her mind to it, she plays beautifully.  She has started to play the simplified Hymns and has played for us in FHE.   For festival this year she played ______ and scored a _____.
5.  She loves to play with her sisters and creates little games and projects for them. Eva begs Abi to "ride scooters" with her.  Leah loves playing games with Abi on her Kindle.  Abi amd Tal have a rougher relationship, but every once in a while she surprises us by doing nice things for him.
6.  She started playing cello this year in 6th grade orchestra, an after school program.  She advanced really quickly and is looking forward to 7th grade.
7.  Abi has discovered Pinterest.  She loves trying out new braids, twists, buns and other hairstyles that she finds.  She continues to enjoy crafts such as making soap, scrubs, paper bowls and other projects.
8.  Abi likes knitting baby hats while she watches TV shows.  She donates these to a Humanitarian Center run by our church to be distributed locally.  She just turned in 21 finished, adorable hats.  She wanted to try something new so she checked out some baby burp cloths to crochet around and I have been teaching her to crochet.
9.  Abi continues to enjoy shooting guns with her dad and is a great shot.  At girl's camp she outshot all of the other girls almost nailing the bulls-eye.  She also bought a bow and is trying out archery.
10.  Abi has a very strong testimony and a strong spirit.  I was a proud mama when she wanted to go to the temple on her birthday.  She has a very sensitive spirit and turns away from popular songs and books with questionable words of her own choice.She worked hard and earned her Faith in God award in Primary.  She is excited to start YW and go to Mutual.  We love our Abi and are excited to see what this next stage in her life brings.

Idaho Heroes Project

Talmage is in the fourth grade this year and that means Idaho History.  His teacher Mrs. Larson is fabulous and has been weaving Idaho History all through their curriculum in reading books, writing essays, memorizing poems, playing games and doing projects.  They even designed their Valentine boxes this year as covered wagons.  One of their projects was to self publish a book on an Idaho Hero.  The project culminated in a special evening where they dressed up as their hero, displayed a diorama depicting a scene from their hero's life, gave an oral presentation and answered questions on their hero, and gave a reading of their book.
Talmage chose Chief Tendoy as his hero.  Every year we go on a family camping trip up to Tendoy, Idaho.  One of our stops is always to visit Chief Tendoy's grave.  Talmage really enjoyed learning more about the man and the area that are special to us.  Mom volunteered in the class as the students worked on their books, researching their heroes and eventually writing a short book about them.
Tal enjoyed building a Lego diorama depicting a scene where Chief Tendoy rescued some white man from a rogue band of Indians.  He also helped mom design and fabricate his Indian headress.  He was very proud to wear his father Kris's Indian style choker and show people rocks from the Copper Queen mine area where Chief Tendoy died.  Tal did an excellent job with his book and project and we are so proud of him.

Pinewood Derby Victory

For Tal's final year in Cub Scouts, he and his dad pulled out all the stops in making their Scarodactyl Pinewood Derby Car.  This sleek design is sure to be fast.  
Tony Perez, in our ward, was gracious enough to help Tal airbrush paint on this sweet design.  
And for his final year, Tal represented with a 1st place finish over the whole pack. The electronic timer on the race track clocked his car at a top speed of 207 mph.  Wow!  Kris was also quite proud that they went out with a Bang!, another notch in his fatherhood belt.

April 24, 2013