Thursday, June 26, 2008

Soccer Stars

Abi and Talmage played AYSO soccer this spring. Abi played in the Y8 girls league with girls age 7-8. Her team was named the firecrackers. It was so fun to see her improve over the season. She was a little scrapper and would get right in there and challenge bigger girls for the ball. Her favorite positions were goalie and forward. She said she liked goalie because she could stand around but conversely she said she liked forward because she got to run all over and kick goals. She scored 3 goals this season. Go beans!!!

Talmage played in the Y5 league which was a co-ed league. He had a practice/game every Friday evening where they would work on skills with their coach and then play a short little game against another team. He also loved shooting goals. He would tell you he kicked a hundred goals but it was a few less. Tal's team was named the Hot Lava Balls, they came up with it themselves. Yeah Tal!!!

The weather for spring soccer was a little iffy, but it's Idaho. We sat out in rain, wind, and even a little snow. But this did not damper our enthusiasm for our kids. You should have heard Kris and I cheer. Ah, this is the life of a soccer mom.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mommy of three

For my friend Alita,

Mommies of three, at least new ones, don't:
-sleep very much
- get to read their friends blogs much less write in their own
- have clean houses, my little niece Sage finds all kinds of treats under my table
- fit into their pants, they have to wear their husbands
- keep up on laundry, gardens, dishes, housekeeping, mail, or keep up with their children

Mommies of three do:
- put in movies for their kids so they can take naps
- feed their families diets of cereal, sandwiches, hot dogs and whatever you can find in the freezer section at Winco
- take 3 hours to get out the door in the morning and then only have 1 hour to run errands before the baby wakes up
- neglect their older children because they are nursing or sleeping all day
- neglect their husbands for the same reasons
- wear a ponytail or put their hair in a clip every day but Sunday
- find that they love number 3 every bit as much as they did number one
- find that maybe they cherish number 3 even more because it has been such a long wait

To all of the moms out there. You are amazing and I salute what you do every day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome Leah Meek

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Leah Meek. She is sooooo sweet. We couldn't ask for a better baby. Mom went into labor about 2:00 am and Leah was born just before ten. She eats and sleeps so well. Leah is a little snuggle bug and everyone loves to hold her. Abi and Talmage are thrilled that she is here. They are great helpers and love to hold Leah. Kris loves having a little one to hold on his chest as well. She is a little blessing straight from heaven.