Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween Resurrection

It has been a while.  Life got crazy.  We sold our house, lived out of boxes for four months, and bought a new house, moved in 5 weeks ago.  I am finally feeling settled enough to start again.  I will go back and catch up, but for now:   

 Our Halloween festivities began with annual FHE pumpkin carving.  Kris and Eva worked together to create a masterpiece.
 Eva is thrilled with her kitty cat jack o' lantern.
 Abi carved a cute owl.  Leah and I worked together on an kitty cat also.  Tal designed his own scary face, and of course Eva is smitten with her kitty.
Thursday we partied with our new ward at the Trunk or Treat and Chili-Cook off.  Kris and I headed up the party committee.  It was really fun to get to know members of our ward.  Coordinating all of the food for 300+ people was a challenge but we received many compliments on what a great party it turned out to be.  
 Kris and I even got into the spirit of fun as Rosie the Riveter and Joe Dirt, respectively.

 Halloween night I fueled up my little ghouls with a festive dinner of Mummy Dogs, Sea worm stew, Monster Eyeballs, and Witches Brew.  Nothing like some sugar before you go gather more sugar laden treats!
Abi dressed as a peacock.  Tal created his own costume as Hawkeye from the Marvel Comic books.  Eva and Leah both dressed as Elsa from Frozen.  Leah and Eva have both had their costumes for months and regailed perfect strangers with tales of how they were going to be Elsa for Halloween.  Too old for Trick or Treat, Abi went to a friend party while the three littler ones trick or treated our neighborhood.  The little girls tired out by 7 and came home to watch "Spooky Pups" while Tal and Dad went to gather more loot.  
Happy Halloween!!!