Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bubby - Eva at 16 months

Bubby: Eva is no longer a baby but she's not yet a little girl, she is a Bubby.  And what a sweet, active, energetic little Bubby she is. I love this picture because is captures the blueness of her eyes and her true smile.  Usually Eva flashes her cheesy smile, shown below.
Another nickname for Eva is "Messmaker".  I like to sing it to the tune of Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof.  Messmaker, Messmaker, making a mess...  She pulls all of the books of the shelves, she hunts for treasures in the garbage, she dumps the blocks out of the bin, pours milk on the table to splash in, throws her food on the floor, and can wreck a house in 15 seconds flat.  But then she will flash me one of those cheesy grins and I can't be too mad at her.
Eva is turning into such a little ham.  She adores being the center of attention and making the whole family laugh at her.  Sun glasses are one of her favorite props.  She also loves to commandeer other's shoes and scuff around the house in them.  Eva loves reading books as well.  Several times a day she will unload the bookshelf and then pull me over to the couch so that she can climb up on my lap and read.

This day I had been cleaning out the van and left the sliding doors open to air it out.  Eva climbed up into the driver's seat, put on my glasses, and proceeded to steer down the road, pausing every once in a while to punch the buttons on the stereo controls.
But Eva's favorite activity is going outside.  She runs for the closet to get her "Jack" and "Sh" ( Jacket and Shoes) then points at the door pleading "Go, Go."  She loves to take walks around the block looking at the leaves and birds, ride the scooter or swing on our horse Roxie.  This day I was raking leaves for Leah and Eva to jump into.  Oh, what fun we had!