Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Great to Be Eight

It is so hard to believe that my little Tally Bear turned eight years old. He is officially a big boy now. Talmage is getting baptized this Saturday and he is very excited. The bishop said that he aced his interview and knew all of the answers to the baptismal questions. He also starts Cub Scouts tomorrow and is ecstatic about that. For his birthday he received his Cub Scout uniform, Wolf book and a pocket knife. He was very grown up about the pocket knife and gave it to his dad for safe keeping until he learns how to use it. ( I guess they had a little talk about being responsible for his pocket knife earlier.)

For his birthday this year he got to have a sleep over with his cousin Sterling the night before. They were up before the birds, 5:52 to be exact and ready to play Wii; which with the two of them involves lots of whooping and yelling. This mean mom tromped out of bed in her bathrobe and made them watch a movie until 8:00 am when I would get up though. Then he had his birthday breakfast of Captain Crunch Berry cereal and hot chocolate. Also for his birthday he received his own set up scriptures, a black snap cover quad that he felt sooooo grown-up picking out. Tal got to pick a fun activity to do with Sterling and our family. He chose to go swimming at the Aquatic Center. After a little bit of splashing and sliding down the slide he asked if they could jump off the diving board. I hesitantly said yes. Tal shook a little as he climbed the ladder for the high dive and waited a few seconds too long, but then he took a breath and jumped right in. He obviously thought, "That was awesome!!!" because he proceeded to jump off over and over.
On Sunday we had cake and ice cream with family. He requested a Batman cake this year. Thanks to a tube of pre-made black Wilton icing, this cake was a cinch compared to other years. He loved all of this gifts from family of Legos and Magnetix. We don't call him our "Lego Maniac" for nothing. As I looked at the baby picture of him and me hanging in his room tonight I marveled again at how much my chubby cheeked little baby boy has grown up. Here are 10 things all about him:
  1. Tal is so creative. From Lego bases and original ships, to cardboard box armor, and his own Flip-O'Rama books, Tal loves to make and create things. (Mom tries to sigh and look past the mess.)
  2. He has an ear for music. He can play the theme from Star Wars and a few others by ear on the piano. His favorite songs he memorizes quickly and will delight unsuspecting audiences with an impromptu concert.
  3. He loves potty humor, Captain Underpants books, monsters, fart jokes, stories about monsters, and guns, or acid and things blowing up.
  4. His favorite food is probably Macaroni and Cheese. He also loves pepperoni pizza, cocktail wieners, and soda. But after a recent joking play on words he refuses to eat the "tenders" of a chicken.
  5. Tal bursts into a room. Whether it is through the front door with a bang after school, or bolting out of his bedroom like a rifle shot in the morning, Tal always makes his presence known.
  6. He is a great big brother. Tal will build train tracks for Leah, comfort her when she is sad, or play crazy pillow stacking, couch jumping games with her until she laughs like crazy.
  7. He hates kissing. He will cover his eyes during movies or even when mom and dad kiss. But he still like receiving kisses from Mom and Dad and will come back for more.
  8. He loves to have his back rubbed. I'm sure I can't count the hours I have rubbed his back during sacrament meeting or at night when I sing him songs. It really seems to calm him down.
  9. Tal is a great reader. He read at 180 wpm in school last week. I've caught him snuggled on his bed reading the Book of Mormon Stories and also his scriptures before. But currently Captain Underpants books are his favorite and he reads them over and over. He is also really into the Harry Potter series we are reading as a family.
  10. Talmage is a kid to get things done. When I give him a list of chores to be completed before he plays, he will dig right in and quickly work at them until they are done. I don't catch him dilly dallying around getting distracted. He can be really focused and hard working.