Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Ramblings

Today for our 5th Sunday lesson our bishop was talking about how his brain is an orb with random, circular, thoughts all the time. Kris looked at me and said, "Does that remind you of anyone?" He meant himself but that is me to a T. I chalk it up to being a mom: I have 5 people to organize and their activities to keep track of, not to mention sales and coupons, FHE lessons I want to do, my food storage buying and rotation, planning my gardens ( and wishing it would stop snowing so I could get out and do something in them), visiting teaching, Enrichment, practicing piano with my kids, and of course the endless piles of laundry, dishes, cleaning and meals. Sometimes I feel like that line out of "Harry Potter" where Hermione is describing Cho's thoughts and feelings and Ron says "No one could be feeling {thinking} all of those things, they would explode." So please excuse the rambling - a few of the things on my mind.

Abi and Kris had an awesome Daddy/Daughter Activity where they made this lovely napkin holder. Abi would love to tell you how they picked out the pattern, traced it onto the wood, cut it out, sanded it (for like 3 hours), painted it and applied the rub-ons ( butterflies of course.) It now graces our dining table at mealtimes. They did such a great job and had so much fun.
Adventures in eating with Leah. These are homemade popsicles from FHE one night. Abi had created (with a little help from mom) a Scripture Bingo Game and prepared a lesson for us. Leah just had to try the popsicle and once she did she was hooked. She grabbed it and wouldn't let go.

How can one little baby get soooooo messy. When Leah is really tired she will rub her hands across her face smearing cereal from ear to ear and top of head to somewhere way down below.
I'm adding a new link to my sites to save me money. It is a link to "Coupons by Dede." Unfortunately the Post Register is not carrying the Red Plum or Proctor and Gamble inserts until July. So in order to get those coupons you can order them through her site. It seems really reasonable and you can stock up on those great Pantene coupons.
Lastly, I'm really excited for my upcoming Jerusalem Center Reunion. I have my skirt almost finished and I'm getting my hair done this week. However I still haven't located a babysitter in Provo to watch Leah for the 3 hours during dinner. Sooooo if you have a sister, cousin, or friend living in Provo who would like to watch an adorable 10 month old and earn a little extra cash, please leave me a comment. Thanks.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tal lost his first tooth

Talmage has been working on his teeth almost since Abi lost her first tooth. At one point he wanted to get the pliers to pull them out so he could get money from the Tooth Fairy. We convinced him that he could make more money by just doing his chores. But still he has been wiggling them and wiggling them. This first one was getting quite snaggly as he worked and wiggled it. Tonight Kris gave it a couple of good pushes, one back and one forward that really loosened it up. Then Tal grabbed it and pulled it right out. No hesitation!!! He was sooooo excited. I hope the Tooth Fairy rewards him well. :)

Nine Months and Soooo Cute

Time just flies when you are loving your little ones. The nine months since Leah was born have been so full of joy and fun. (I can't say that about the nine months she was growing on the inside.) Leah is such a sweet and adorable baby. She has a really sweet disposition although she is a thinker and a little slow to warm up to new people. She normally just studies them but won't smile as they goo and gaa over her. But for our family she is quick to flash those 8 pearly whites and clap her hands. (Yeah Leah - is our game.)
That's right, Leah has 8 teeth. But fortunately she is not a biter while nursing. She has been known to nip me on the shoulder once or twice to get my attention while I was holding her though. Her hair is starting to curl, to mom's delight, so I like to put a little gel in the top and curl it up. She has the prettiest blue eyes and is sooo expressive. She babbles Dadda and Mom and EeeAah (Leah) but doesn't always put them with the right people. Leah is growing and growing - 28 1/4 inches and 15 lbs 10 oz. She continues to be tall and thin for her age but then she fits right in with her siblings.
Leah is really beginning to explore the wonders of feeding herself. I find it adorable how she can be so dainty to pick up one little bite of food off her tray one minute and then next be stuffing her mouth with a handful of noodles. Her favorite foods are noodles, bits of cheese, bananas and peas. Kris likes to sneak her little bits of brownie which she loves as well. She is also quite fond of apple juice in her bottle.

Leah refuses to crawl but has instead perfected the butt scoot. She gets both legs moving like a lobster and then uses her hands to pull herself around. She is really fast on the hardwood floors but maneuvers well on carpet also. As you can see she enjoys emptying out the entertainment center as well as the bookshelf, magazine rack, bakers rack, and cupboard in the bathroom. She is fascinated by the world around her and loves new experiences like being outside, singing songs, reading books or tearing apart any new thing.