Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For the Design Challenged Like Me

Let This be a warning...

Gracie has been going to bed promptly at 8:00 ever since Elaine put up the pictures of “other daughters they gave away because they stayed up too late.”

For all readers who may be design challenged like me, this great website pokes fun at all of those too perfect pictures in the catalogs. Complete with snarky comments like the above, it rescues the rest of us from the insanity of trying to make our homes look like a Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn catalog.

In our Stake Conference in May of this year our Stake President told the following story, of which I will highly paraphrase.

A bishop was counseling a young wife and mother who lived in a little apartment in a ward full of established families and nicer homes. This woman was always depressed and complaining about how small her apartment was, the nice things that she didn't have and dreaming of the big house full of nice things that she wanted, like her neighbors. The bishop counseled her to "count her blessings", serve others, yada yada. ( All good and important things themselves.) When he went back and visited with her he found her happy, cheerful and grateful. The bishop asked what had prompted the abrupt change in her attitude. The woman replied, "I threw out all of the catalogs."

I loved it!!!! All she needed was a change in perspective. Throwing out those catalogs and poking fun at them helps rescue my little home from Pottery Barn Envy. Because doggone it, It's good enough, It's smart enough, and I like it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Brand New Yellow Belt

Doesn't he look fierce?
Tal was so excited to test for and earn his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do at the end of October. We are so impressed with how far he has come. He knows 3 forms and is working on various kinds of kicks as well. He is also beginning 2 step sparring.
Tal is learning focus and self control. His memory is really improving with the precise strong movements of his forms. He really loves Tae Kwon Do and it is great to see him growing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween

We spooked up our yard with these easy ghosts from Family Fun magazine. The weather has been unseasonably mild so I still have a few blooms in my garden. We also have a tree full of leaves that are just now starting to turn gold.
On Monday night we dove into our pumpkins for FHE. Leah really got into the spirit of pulling the insides out of her pumpkin. Most years we save and toast the seeds for a yummy snack, but not this year. In the end, mom and dad did most of the carving while the creative input came from the kids. I think that is called "management skills."
Our jack o'lanterns turned great. Kris did an amazing job on Tal's Dracula pumpkin. We celebrated Halloween over a couple of days. On Thursday we attended the carnival at the kids' school. Candy. Then on Saturday our ward hosted a potato bar dinner and Trunk or Treat. I didn't plan very well because our 100 blow pops were gone in 5 minutes and we had to blow out our jack o'lanterns and close down. I'll buy more candy next year. But the kids hit the mother lode. More Candy. We hit a few neighborhood houses after that and then went home. I think Kris might have instituted the Dad Tax on a few candy bars out of their baskets.
Then on Monday night we Trick or Treated our grandmas and grandpas. Abi had wanted to be a pig ever since last Halloween. Mom even made a curly tail to go with it. Tal makes a dashing Harry Potter. We've been reading the books as a family and he's become quite obsessed. Leah got to be Blue from Blue's Clues by default. It was Abi's old costume. I can't believe how much she looks like Abi did. ( Abi's pics are pre-digital so you'll just have to believe me.) Leah didn't mind though. She loved being a puppy and was especially enthralled with her tail.