Monday, March 29, 2010

True Love ......and Why I Won't Read the "Twilight Books"

I know that everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I have not and most likely never will ( never say never) read the Twilight Books. Now, that's not saying I won't see the movies, which I have and I quite enjoyed for a Girls Day Out, but the books are another story. Why?...........

Because I am a big believer in True Love. Once upon a time I read those romance novels by authors like Anita Stansfield and Nicholas Sparks, and I loved them, I devoured them. But then I would find myself angry with my husband. Why? Because he didn't talk, or think, or do things like the men in those books. And then I came to the realization, that those weren't real men. No man I know talks, or thinks or acts like that. My husband Kris showed me True Love and that is what marriage is all about. True love is washing the dishes for me nearly every night. True love is snuggling up on our love seat to watch the Office and The Marriage Ref while we laugh and laugh. True love is going on a walk with the kids and I around the block. True love is getting up and leaving for work by 7:00 am so that he can provide for us and still be home for dinner.
True love is spending a whole Saturday carpeting a bedroom for us. My husband learned a lot about true love from my dad who came over after working all night and helped carpet our bedroom. ( My dad is a great example of true love.)
True love is spending our tax return on a new bedroom set instead of the dirt bike that his heart is longing for. I am sooooooo spoiled. Our bedroom feels like a hotel. I love it!!!
True love is being the greatest father to these little cuties. I let them wear their Easter clothes to church this Sunday as General Conference is on Easter. My girls just adore their Dad and Tal wants to be just like him. I never could get Tal to wear a vest, because Daddy didn't and he wants to look just like Dad. My husband Kris is my true love.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Blessings

The other day I was a whining a little to my friend about the craziness of our lives, mostly due to the demands of our church callings. To which she reminded me, "But just think of all the blessings you are receiving." At first I thought "Humph, I don't want these blessings" but on further reflection I really could see the blessings.

1. My great and adorable kids who are healthy, intelligent and generally good- natured and obedient. Last Sunday we were all lounging around the living room, curled up on couches or in blankets listening as Kris and I took turns reading "Harry Potter" for nearly an hour. I had to take a mental picture of that moment because I was just so content being with my little family.
I've been coaching Tal's YMCA basketball team and it has been a blast to watch him and the other players grow and develop. Abi is playing basketball as well and she is such a scrapper. She just goes after the ball on defense and is becoming a better shooter. Leah is going to Nursery again. After our time change to 1-4 church she wouldn't go unless I stayed but thanks to many prayers and some loving leaders, (and the bubbles), she goes with a little wave and a "bye-bye."
2. A little bit of financial security. I hate to say it for fear of tempting fate. We've had a few little problems and fixes crop up in the last little bit that had they happened 2-3 years ago would have sent me into a panic to find the money. But we just shrugged and wrote the checks out of our savings and said "It will be OK." Oft times the green eyed monster still plagues me but I am working on being happy and grateful for my little piece of heaven.

3. The onset of Spring. A little over a week ago as the snow was rapidly melting I went out and shoveled the top 8 inches of snow off of my corner flower garden. And there under the snow were my little primroses, all green and growing. To me they speak of endurance and hope. Good things are right around the corner, under the snow just waiting to poke through. The increasing light does wonders for my moods and everyone in our family enjoyed the first non-freezing Saturday outdoors.

4. Little Blessings. Sometimes good things pop up that I forget to be thankful for. For instance, my brother's friends were trading out a slightly used dishwasher which he got for us for $50. Then my brother was able to fix it. We have a spot just big enough for it in our kitchen if we slide a set of cabinets down to the sliding door. With hopefully not too much work, I'll have a nearly new dishwasher by next weekend. Just a small thing - but a big blessing to me.

The Moral ( As my mother would say): Heavenly Father is just waiting to bless our lives both big and small, probably mostly small but significant. Whatever we may sacrifice in service to him is returned tenfold. He loves us.

Leah at 21 months

My little Leah is growing into such a little girl now. I can't really call her a baby, although she will always be my "Baby Love." She loves to color! Unfortunately if there is not a paper handy she is happy to color on the walls, fridge, cupboards or whatever else suits her fancy. Leah is also becoming a very independent child. She doesn't want me to carry her anywhere but squirms out of my arms and yells, "Walk!!!" This also includes stairs, which can be very slow going. She is good about holding my "Hand" as she says while she clutches one or two fingers and we toddle along. She mostly wants to feed herself but utensils are optional. She still loves "Sauce" but is also branching out to "Butter" which can be anything from peanut butter to sour cream. She will literally lick the PB, butter, or jam off of the bread and the holler for "More." Oranges, pickles and instant oatmeal are a few of her current favorite foods.
This little grin is just adorable. She loves having her picture taken and will cheese for the camera. Leah's vocabulary is exploding and she is stringing several words together. A few of my favorites are "Where did it go?" and "I found it" as well as "Blech, No like it." She loves playing with her baby and pushing her in the stroller. She has discovered "Mooovies" and her favorite is "Dora, Dora Explorey" which she asks for with a lilting voice and her head cocked to one side. Mostly Leah loves being involved in whatever everyone else is doing. She clamors to put on make-up with me in the morning and we do our eyes and "wips" to look "pretty." Leah loves taking bubble baths and playing with toys. We say "bye-bye" to the bubbles as they swoosh down the drain. She always wants to play piano while the kids are practicing, or color on Abi's homework with her. She loves to play in the bubbles while we do dishes and wipes her baby with a wipe while I change her bum. She LOVES going outside to jump on the trampoline, to explore the yard, or walk around the block with mom. Leah is full of energy and we rarely make it through a whole sacrament meeting, but she is loving Nursery again and goes with a little wave and a "bye-bye". (Blowing bubbles with the leaders did the trick.) Mostly Leah is a joy to our family and we just love our little "Honey."