Sunday, April 20, 2014

Little Remembrances

May 2013
Leah - Eva is my best friend.

Leah, after buying a ribbon wand with her ticket winnings at Leo's place on her birthday:  I always wanted to be a ribbon dancer.  And now I am.  I'm living the dream.

Tal, after breaking his retainer explained:  I think it was when I was eating jerky.
Mom: Oh no, I guess you can't have any more jerky.
Tal: No, I remember it was when I was eating vegetables.

June 12, 2013
Tal and Eva were playing on the couch with Eva climbing over from the back.  Tal pulled on Eva's arm to help her over the couch.  Eva became crying uncontrollably and ran to find me.  After I couldn't get her to move her arm, and snuggling and ibuprofen didn't help, I took her into Community Care.  The Dr. determined that her elbow was dislocated and reset it.  Immediately she stopped crying and reached out for the sucker that he held out.  When we returned home, Tal felt terrible.  He was hiding in his room.  I called for him to come out.  Eva ran up to him and yelled "Ta-Da" with her arms held high.

June 2013
Leah was saying our family prayer and blessing everyone:
     Bless Abi not to fight with Tal.
     Bless Tal not to fight with Abi.
     Bless Eva not to fight with me.
     Bless me not to argue and fart...
Our whole family dissolved into giggles and I doubt that prayer was ever completed.

November 2013
Eva's favorite phrase is "No Like It."  Her favorite animal is her Tebby Bear.  To mom's dismay Eva stopped taking naps while the kids were off for Fall break and never went back.  After lunch though she loves to take walks or scooter rides around the block to watch the birds.