Friday, December 17, 2010

Catching the Christmas Spirit

On our way home from Abi and Tal's school Christmas program last night, Kris said, "That really got me into the Christmas Spirit." With kids as cute as ours, I had to agree.
The theme of the program was "The North Pole's Got Talent." Each grade performed a song. Talmage , in the second grade, was a North Pole Bell Ringer and they sang a song and accompanied themselves on triangles. Note the astute look of concentration on his face.
Abi was a North Pole Security Guard with the fourth grade. They amazed us with their precision marching and kazoo playing. Nothing says Christmas like the sound of a kazoo. :)

Announcing - The Littlest Meek

June 24th, 2011 - give or take a few days

We are soooo excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the newest member of our family. Life has been a little rough at the Meek house for the last 2 months as we all dealt with mom's hyperemesis gravidarum ( extreme morning sickness). But thankfully, I am finally off the couch and out of the bathroom. Zofran is my little miracle pill that has saved me from the worst complications of my condition. While I am still not 100% I am grateful for this early Christmas miracle that the worst is subsiding earlier than it did with any of the other little Meek pregnancies. I am also profoundly grateful for my husband who pitched in to do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, even holding my hair back when ... you know, and in general took on all of my responsibilities. My kids were troopers as well and stepped up to take on extra jobs to help out. A big thank you to my mom who would come clean my house, bring my family dinner - a respite from freezer meals, and in general just look after me. My sister Kalene was an angel as well, often calling from Sam's or Winco to pick up a few groceries for me or bring over dinner on the spur of the moment. My best neighbor, Ranay, was also a god send running errands and providing meals. Thank you to all of our friends and family who have expressed love and support during this time, we love you.