Sunday, May 11, 2008

Look what I did!!!

My husband's aunt Nancy told me about this cool website called that is a free digital scrapbooking site. Actually it's a digital scrap blogging site but I just made my page and saved it as a jpeg. This is my experiment to see how it works. After seeing all of Alita's cute digital scrapbooking pages I've wanted to experiment but alas I don't have nifty Photoshop software. This site is amazing and sooooooo user friendly. It is click and drag to change backgrounds, colors, stickers, change photo size etc. Perfect for a non-computer geek like me. Unfortunately the format size is not alterable. Nancy says she prints off 4x6's at Sam's Club but that 8x10's don't work so well. I'll have to mess around and see what I can work with. Anyhow, I was quite proud of myself. If you have any other tips or leads on free digital scrapbooking stuff, I am really interested.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Abi's 7th Birthday

The Birthday Girl and her Butterfly cake

Friend party with Gabby, Zoe, (Abi), Kaydra and Tal

Her favorite present: A PINK Kidzoom Camera

Abi has been counting down to her birthday for months. It's hard to believe that my baby is seven. I must be getting old. She requested a "butterfly" birthday party. We had a fun time shopping for the invitations, plates, cups, decorations and party favors. She decided on a little peg board craft for each girl, brightly colored purses for gift bags, scented bubbles for a prize and a white unicorn pinata'. (It's not a Meek birthday without a pinata'.) She also chose butterfly cakes in lemon and cherry chip and rainbow sherbet and cookie dough ice cream. She's such a little planner.

Her friend party was a lot of fun. When the girls came they each got to choose a peg board craft to do, which mom then ironed. Kris commented that this was the best part because they were quiet. Then we did a cotton ball drop to win the purses and a treasure hunt around our yard for the bubbles. Everyone got a whack at the pinata' with cousin Gabby knocking it from the tree, then Kris dumped it out for everyone. Abi received some really nice presents from her friends and then we had cake and ice cream. Afterwards they went outside to blow bubbles, eat candy, jump on the trampoline and have a giggly, girly time. (This part was not so quiet :)

Sunday we had family over for more butterfly cake and ice cream. Mom made three cakes in all. Abi had been wishing and waiting for a pink Kidzoom camera which she received from Mom and Dad and Nana and Papa Fife. It's her favorite she says and has been having a blast taking pics and movies. She also received other very nice presents from her Nana Meek and aunts and uncles.