Monday, July 14, 2008

Leah's Blessing

Our growing family
Leah is so adorable in her blessing dress.
We blessed Leah on July 6th. It was so wonderful to have family and friends attend. Her full name is Leah Meek. Our girls don't have middle names although Talmage has two. I know that it's not fair but I didn't have a middle name and I turned out relatively OK. We had a luncheon at our home afterward, 32 people, Whew!!! Leah wore the same blessing dress as Abi and I was suprised at how much she reminds me of Abi in it.
Leah is a sweet baby and we love her so much. She gets a little fussy at night, but everyone's entitled to a little fussiness. She loves for me to carry her around in the front pack. I ended up borrowing a pack from my sister, Kalene. It is a Kelty Kids Kangaroo and is a blessing. I put Leah in and she goes to sleep within minutes. Then I can do dishes, clean up or fold laundry. Bending over is a chore so sweeping is a little challenge. She goes to bed about 11:30 so I'm hoping to get her bedtime moved up soon. But she only wakes up about 2 times a night and we all sleep in in the morning.