Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Family Pictures

For your viewing enjoyment :)

Evangeline at 3 months,
Abiela 10 years

Talmage 8 years
Leah 3 years
Donalee and Kris - 12 years and counting
Cutest family ever!!!

Eva at 5 months

Eva reached some big milestones this month. She first tried cereal on Nov. 10th. Of course the first few times I doubt if more than a trickle made it into her tummy, but a lot sure covered her face. Now she loves her cereal every night. She practically dives out of her Bumbo for each spoonful. Of course then she also blows several of those spoonfuls all over mommy. Eva moved out of mommy and daddy's room and into her crib in Leah's room. Well, I should say that Eva would start out the night in her crib in her room but between 1 and 2 am would wake up and be taken back into mommy's bed to nurse and snuggle the night away. Until...

Eva also slept through the night for the first time this month on Nov 30th, from 11 pm-7:30 am. Mom kept waking up during the night to go check on her. The night after she slept straight until 6:00 am. Unfortunately the third night she was back to her old schedule of 1:30 am. Mommy didn't mind too much, I missed my little snuggler. Eva has been rolling from her tummy to her back since she was about 4 months old. Well, she will roll herself over when she wakes up at least. But try as I might, I cannot get her to roll over while awake. I coax her with toys and smiles, but nothing. Eva is also really close to sitting up by herself. She will bobble for a few seconds then inevitably reach for something and topple.

Eva learned how to blow raspberries. It is literally the cutest thing ever. Enjoy!!!