Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Tal's first Pinewood Derby in Cub Scouts was smashing success. Tal and Kris came up with this concept to make a Harry Potter car with the car being a broom and Tal's Lego Harry Potter riding it. It turned out soooo cool. Their primary goal was to make it a cool unique car but it also turned out to be fast. He was thrilled once the races started and he began winning. Tal won second place over all out of 40 odd boys ( we have a tri-ward troop). By the end of the night Kris was scheming how to make it even faster for next year. It's funny how the competition gets to the dads when before the race started Kris and I had been talking to Tal about how he should act if he didn't win and that it was just fun to build the car and race it :)

Harry Potter astride his Firebolt

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chicken and Waffles, What?

Having grown up in the Mountain West, I had no exposure to soul food. So when my husband first heard about "Chicken and Waffles" I was totally opposed. You just don't mix dinner food in with your breakfast. But when his birthday rolled around, guess what he chose for dinner. As he said, "It's my birthday, so I get whatever I want." In our house at least, he's right. Thanks to Winco for the chicken and me for the waffles. Mix them together with some maple syrup and ... it's not to bad.
But this was better, Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake. Yummy!!! Happy 33rd Babe, I love you.

New Beginnings

Talmage was baptized on Saturday February 19th by his dad Kris. It was such a special day for him and we are so proud of him for making this big step in his life. We held a family baptism due to scheduling conflicts with the Stake baptism day. As a mom, I thought that the family baptism was an amazing experience. We filled the little center section of the Primary room with family and friends. Talmage's grandpa Terry Fife and great-grandma Arlene Hayes gave powerful and personal talks on baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Then Tal was baptized by his dad. Kris told me later that Tal said, "I'm glad I'm a boy because then I can baptize people in that warm water." The Howell cousins and Abi and Tal sang a special musical number, "If I Listen with My Heart." The whole program was so great because we had family members saying the prayers, leading the music, etc. Tal was then confirmed by his dad. We felt so blessed to have many family members able to stand in the confirmation circle including Papa Fife, Uncle Lee, Uncle Wynn, Uncle Brian, cousin Sam, Br Nelson - former Primary teacher, and Bishop Harris. After the program we enjoyed a tasty brunch that so many family members were willing to contribute to. We all felt so loved to have so many family members, ward members and friends support Tal on his special day.

Talmage with his former and current Primary Teachers
Br and Sis Nelson, Sis Klassen, Sis Roe and Sis Perez

Howell and Meek cousins
( Cousins Emily and Justin did not want to be in the picture.)
Turning eight also means beginning the adventure of Cub Scouts. Tal was so proud to wear his new uniform to his first den meeting. Just a week later we had the Blue and Gold Banquet for Pack Meeting. Tal and I made this cake for the decorating contest. When I say Tal and I, I really mean it. He mixed the cake. He mixed the frosting. I did most of the base layer of frosting but he dried it with the hair dryer ( we were in a hurry). Then I taught him how to make stars and shells and he decorated the cake. When his hand got tired I helped him squeeze the bag and guide him a little but he did the decorating. I'm really proud of him and how well it turned out.