Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy Hair Day

Need I say any more?!! Abi and Tal really got into "Crazy Hair Day" for their school. I am the Spirit Day Coordinator for the PTO and it is really fun to come up with fun days and pass out the treats. Imagine my suprise to be walking by my plant one day and see this little guy hanging there. Bet you can't guess who did that. Tal is such a creative little guy, sometimes I have to just smile and hug him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leah at 4 months

OK, I know that I blog a lot about Leah. But I was so excited to get her pictures taken and share them with everyone. She is such a cute little muffin and we love her so much.
She still wouldn't quite give up one of her smiles for the photographer. She is a little particular about who she likes. She loves mommy, Yeah me, daddy is OK too, Talmage and Abi are Ok to entertain her for a few minutes and grandmas and grandpa are allright as long as they hold her so that she can look out and see other people. My neighbor Ranay and sister Kalene also seem to have the magic touch with her. But when she's fussy, I'm the one she wants. That makes me happy that she knows and loves me, but sometimes my tired arms wish someone else could hold her.
This one is my favorite because it comes the closest to what she looks like when she is happy. Mom looks a little silly, but it is all about Leah. With Abi and Tal I also had my picture taken with them and I love remembering us like that. I got the idea for a picture of my mom and me when I was a baby.
I was tickling her to make her smile and the photographer snapped this one.
Kris was sure that the moment Leah could eat cereal she would sleep through the night. WRONG. She still gets up 2-3 times a night to nurse. And she doesn't like to nurse in bed like my other babies. Oh no, I have to get up out of my warm bed and go into the feezing cold living room to sit in the rocking chair. She is sooooooo spoiled. She does seem to like her cereal though and gets it all over her face, her hands, her outfits. I'm sorry that you can't tell but her eyes are the prettiest blue, like Tal's, and her hair has lightened to a strawberry blonde. She also cut 2 teeth over the past week. The first tooth took me by total suprise because she's too little to have teeth. Kris however likes to rub it in that he thought she was teething 2 weeks earlier and I discredited him saying, "Oh no, she's too young." She is very attentitive and interested in what is going on around the house but she wants me to hold her and carry her around all day. Again Kalene, thank you for the usage of the front pack and the Bumbo seat. She loves to stand on my lap and be "Soooo Big." Leah also likes to play with her zebra rattle and a washcloth puppet.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Letterboxing - a treasure hunt

Letterboxing - a quirky, fun hobby; the low-tech cousin of geocaching; a treasure hunt

For those of you unaquainted with letterboxing , it is a treasure hunt of sorts where clues to hidden letterboxes are posted online. Then you follow the clues to the letterbox where you "stamp in" to the log book and in turn use the stamp inside the letterbox to stamp your own logbook, a passport of sorts. I read about letterboxing in Family Fun at the library and it sounded like the perfect fit for our family - getting outdoors, a treasure hunt where often you have to use a compass (hooray for husbands who were avid Boy Scouts) , and inexpensive. A quick look on showed several sites in SE Idaho and 5 in Idaho Falls. Abi and Tal were out of school on Friday so we picked Kris up for lunch and went to find our first letterbox. This one was called "Just Across the Bridge" and was a quick and easy find. The logbook was full of stamps from as far away as California and South Carolina. According to the website there are over 22,000 sites in the US. Our first experience was so fun, we will be doing more of this again for sure.