Sunday, May 15, 2011

Abi turns 10!!!

How does this happen? It seems like one minute you are feeding, diapering, and snuggling this sweet little Bunkins and the next she is growing up into a beautiful young woman. Abi recently celebrated her 10th birthday and I felt like I had to pinch myself. Sure, I know this smart, funny girl but it seems like the little chubby cheeked baby is not so far away either.

Once again we celebrated Abi's birthday over a string of days. Her birthday was also the day of her GATE ( Gifted and Talented Education) play, The Jungle Book. She was running from school to school and had a night performance so we kept it pretty low key. She opened her presents that morning and the whole family came to watch her performance that night. ( More later.)
Abi had requested The Sims for the wii but it was rated T for teen. Kris spied Dance, Dance Revolution and knew that this was the game for Abi. She LOVED it.

Friday night Abi had her sleepover with favorite cousin Gabby. She requested fried chicken and potato salad for dinner. Then she and Gabs had a blast challenging each other on DDR. The next day I took the girls skating. No, I did not skate but Leah did. I held her hands and walked around and around the rink helping her. She was delighted. Then on Saturday night we had Abi's family party with cake and ice cream. Abi requested a coconut and strawberry shortcake, not a shaped cake. She is getting sooooo grown up. It was a very moist cake and shlumping right before the picture so we turned it around and sang "Happy Birthday" really quickly. I punked her with re-lighting candles. They were sparking like sparklers and really surprised her. Abi received several wonderful presents including cute clothes, a new purse, a latch hook set, jewelry, bubble bath set, and money. She is scheming and planning about what to do with it.

Abi had a great time performing in The Jungle Book. All of her teachers kept saying how expressive and dramatic she was. She played one of Kaa's coils, a monkey, a wolf cub, and part of the jungle. It was a great musical and so fun to see her stretch her talents. So, in honor of 10 great years, here are:

10 Things I love about Abi

1. Her laugh. She has a giggle like a burst of sunshine. It makes the rest of of laugh as well.
2. She is growing into a beautiful young woman. Pink is no longer her only fashion choice but she loves flower clips in her hair, wearing skirts, purses and pedicures.
3. She is a perfectionist. Mostly a good trait - her Idaho History pages are works of art. She sets her goals high and works hard to achieve them.
4. She is soooooo curious. I thought we got past "Why?" about age 3 but Abi is always questioning what something is, how it works or what words mean.
5. She loves music and makes good choices in what she listens to. She loves listening to her iPod or her radio while she cleans her room or colors. She loves to put music on the computer and dance about while we all do the dishes together after dinner.
6. She is becoming a talented pianist. Her songs are beginning to sound like music, you can tell which ones she really likes because she practices them over and over.
7. She is a great big sister. Leah absolutely adores her. Abi is patient, sharing and playful with her. Abi helps Leah play games and shares treats and toys with her.
8. She loves books. Over the past year Abi and I have read several of the same Young Adult series like the Percy Jackson series and Fablehaven. It is fun to discuss them together and have that common love with her.
9. Abi is a beautiful ballerina. She is so graceful and LOVES to dance. When we had to talk about cutting down to one activity for next year, she unhesitatingly chose ballet.
10. Abi has a very sweet, spiritual and compassionate nature. She loves and understands the gospel well and tries hard to live it. She can be the peacemaker in our home. She is very good at showing love and kindness to those around her.

Keeping Busy

Tal has been working really hard in Tae Kwon Do. He just tested for and earned his green belt. It was so fun to watch him execute his forms during the test. He was very focused and sharp. He has come a long way.
Tal is pretty proud to be advancing to the next level. And from what I saw in the sparring portion of the test, we just don't want to mess with Tal. :)
I don't think that you could call it nesting, it's more like "Aaaaaagh, I have a billion things to get done before this baby comes." And one of those things was the remodel of our downstairs bathroom. It all started with just a plan to paint the bathroom and escalated into sanding down the walls, retexturing ( by my dad), new paint, new vanity and light, new accessories, and new storage shelves in the cubby ( also built by my awesome dad). But in the end, it does look awesome, if a little bright and I am slowly paying my penance to the budget worksheet. Abi loves it by the way.

Hoppy Easter

Saturday morning we crashed the Lewisville Community Easter Egg Hunt; Nana and Papa invited us. Our kids each made quite the haul. Abi discovered that it's great to be in the oldest age group because there are the fewest kids, but she was great to share with Leah, Tal and other kids who didn't get as much. Leah was excited about the Easter Bunny from afar but not to keen on getting up close and personal.

Sunday morning the little Meeks bounded out of bed to see what treasures the Easter Bunny had left them. Each one received a basket of goodies with candy, special mini cereals and books. Leah also received the movie 'Tangled" and Abi and Tal received Tithing/Spending/Saving banks. All of the kids loved hunting for the Easter eggs. Leah really got into this year and spent a good chunk of the morning hiding and refinding the eggs.

Of course I have to post a brag picture 0f my little cuties in their Easter finest. They were so beautiful to take to church Easter morning, we even made it close to on time.