Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Key Recovered

Yes, we recovered the key. Last night Leah had a stinky and there it was. The key looked perfect. No, I did not take a picture. And no, I did not give the key back to Talmage even though he asked. Whew!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Don't let this face fool you

Our little Leah Meek is "M" for mischievous. She is 2 going on trouble most days. This last week she has had a bit of a cold so before bedtime and naps I have been rubbing a little Vicks Vapor Rub for babies on her chest. I did this on Thursday just before her nap and then put her down. She went to sleep really well and then seemed to sleep for a long time. When I finally opened her door to check on her, I met the Grease Monster from the Vicks Lagoon lying in her bed. She had used a good 3/4 of the jar to coat her hair, her face, her bed, the night light turtle, her books, her toy cars and many other things in the room. Even after 2 baths and 6 hair washings with Dawn dish soap she has extremely shiny and smooth hair. When Kris called her a "Slick Leah" she retorted, "I not Slick Leah, I look like daddy." Well....

The next night was Friday New Year's Eve. We had a great party with our kids playing games and stuffing ourselves with treats. At early midnight ( 9 o'clock) we tooted our horns, pulled our poppers and unfurled our streamers. What fun!!! Then we got our kids settled and into bed so mom and dad could play games with a couple of friends. Leah had been in bed for a while when she called out "Mommy, I need you," but then quieted down so I didn't go check on her. About 20 minutes later I heard "Mommy, I need you," again and again. When I entered Leah's room she said "I put my key in my mouth and I can't get it out" as she stuck a finger down her throat. Panic gripped my heart as I remembered the little luggage type key she had been playing with earlier. After Kris and I tore her room and bed apart looking for the key we came to believe Leah when she told us "I put it in my mouth and now it is in my belly." Aaaahhh. Then she covered her face in her hands and said "Oh, my key, I miss him soooo much." I lost it right there, laughing the silent, tear streaming, body shaking belly laugh of hilarity. Oh Leah, what do we do with you. She didn't seem to be in any physical distress so we gave her a few drinks of water and are now biding our time and combing through the you know, waiting for the key to pass. It's a good thing she is so cute.

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas from the Meeks. Our Christmas was soooo much fun this year. As a parent the anticipation for your children"s reaction almost matches the anticipation they feel waiting for Santa Claus. This year, neither parents nor children were disappointed.
"Oh, my Pillow Pet, I love him." Leah also loved her Yot and all of her other gifts. A special hit was her dollhouse ( it used to be my dollhouse made by my dad for my sister and I one Christmas long, long ago). Leah loves to play with her new dolls and furniture in her dollhouse and loves to have mom and dad play along. It is hilarious to hear her narrate her perspective on life in the Meek home.
Tal was nearly spastic about his Lego jail. He couldn't wait to get it out of the package and start building. Uncle Eric, dad and Tal spent most of Christmas morning constructing the new Lego jail and he has been showing it off ever since. Other favorite gifts were Lego Harry Potter Wii, Six Flags for the Wii, and his Ninja swords. You should see his moves.
Abi received a hot pink iPod nano for Christmas. She and the iPod are nearly inseparable now; I think we created a monster. She relished downloading Taylor Swift and Colbie Calliat songs this morning. Her other favorite was the terrarium for hermit crabs. Abi could barely wait until Monday when she could go to the pet store to buy her own hermit crab.
Every Christmas I wheedle my family into taking our annual Christmas picture. I just like to look back and see how we grow and change year to year.
My cuties all dressed up in their new Sunday clothes. Nana and Papa Fife always spoil them with the cutest or handsomest clothes for Christmas. ( Tal is going through this crazy face phase.) Then after Christmas dinner the grandkids clamor to play "Grandma Bingo" where they get to win really cool and fun toys. I'm not sure who loves it more, the kids or grandma.
Abi had a cousin sleep-over and they all decided to create Cindy-Lou Who hair. If they ever need a stand-in for Cindy Lou in "The Grinch" I think we have it covered.
Abi was thrilled to finally get her hermit crab "Violet." Tal has one as well but the novelty wore off quickly and it's a good thing that Abi is willing to take care of them. She had been researching them since this summer. She even wrote her summer report about hermit crabs. I think she will be a good little pet owner.