Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family Christmas Card 2012

Merry Christmas from the Meek Family 2012

After being untethered from our TV ( Netflix only) for a little over a year there are the rare things we find we miss, NBA basketball the most, commercials the least.  With the Awards Show season fast approaching I have no idea what the hottest shows are or who will be gracing the red carpet.  Feeling a little left out we held our own Meeple’s Choice Awards and the winners are:

Little Blue Eyes  - Evangeline 18 months.  Eva’s bright blue eyes and cheesy grin help her
charm her way out of many an escapade ie; stuffing the toilet with tissue, defoliating and de-potting mom’s plants, and wall artistry, to name a few.  “Bubby” also enjoys dancing in the kitchen while we do dishes, games especially Rosies and Duck, singing songs and reading books.  Eva just started Nursery at church and adores the bubbles.  Cellphones are another of Eva’s favorite, “Hello, Hello?”

Princess in Residence – Leah 4 ½.  Any given day Leah is a princess complete with tutus and tiara.  Dresses are her favorite outfits, the puffier and twirlier the better.  She loves preschool and learning her letters.  Leah is also an artist and enjoys coloring, painting, crafting with mom and helping in the kitchen.  Leah skips, twirls and sings most anywhere she goes.  Leah adores big sister Abi and sharing a room with her.  She is also Eva’s best playmate.

 All American Boy – Talmage 9 ¾.  Tal is totally into games: computer games, Wii games, X-box games, basketball games, board games and pestering his sisters games.  He graduated from his first round of braces and has a great smile.  Tal is attending 4th grade at a public charter school and loves it.  He enjoys the faster pace and especially having PE each day.  Tal loves cub scouting, acting as the Denner, and just completed his Bear requirements.  He continues to play piano and really likes songs fast and loud.

Renaissance Young Woman – Abiela 11 ½.  Abi is blossoming into a young woman of many talents.  She continues to dance ballet and is so graceful.  The years of piano lessons are starting to pay off as Abi moved into Intermediate level and is playing songs she recognizes; music to mom’s ears.  Abi and Kris took up running this summer and ran the Firecracker 5K on the 4th of July.  In the 6th grade, Abi was elected to Student Council again this year and enriches her school with her kind, caring persona and love of service.  She started a project of knitting baby hats for a local charity and has made 18 to date.  Abi discovered soap making and enjoys churning out adorable flip-flop soaps.  She also started babysitting this year and is mom’s right hand helper, especially with Eva.

Meeple’s Sexiest Man – Kris 34.  The votes poured in for this category and Kris beat out Channing Tatum by a landslide, even without the duck face.  Kris shines by day as an attorney at Hopkins Roden and by night as a husband and father.  Kris leads the Spotify party in the kitchen most evenings while doing the dishes and kills the competition with his laundry folding skills on Tuesday nights with Donalee.  (The one time a week we get to watch our shows.) Dad is the favorite story reader, tickler, joke teller, and snuggler for each of our kids.  This year Kris finally let out his adventurous side with a week long white water rafting trip down the Salmon River and a summer of dirt bike riding. 

Family Cheerleader – Donalee (age not mentioned).  Mom as she is commonly called cheers everyone along in their many endeavors.  She is most often found in the kitchen baking treats, preparing one of 6-7 meals/snacks per day, and washing dishes.  In her off time (what’s that?) Mom enjoys blogging about her family’s activities and general zaniness or digging in her gardens.  She is looking forward to catching up her blog, and taking a nice long bath with a good book after the holidays.  Mom ran out of time this fall to get “real” family pictures taken, so I hope you appreciate our Fourth of July picture and how we “really” look.

We wish you all the Merriest of Christmases and good things to come in the New Year. 
Love, Kris, Donalee, Abi, Tal, Leah, and Eva