Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tendoy Reunion

Our annual Hayes family reunion was the first week of August in Tendoy, Idaho at the family cabin. We eagerly await this trip every summer. This year our campers included Jeremy, Lisa and Walker Meek; Reagan, Kevin and Paul Hayes; and of course our little Meek clan. This pic was taken right before we left for home so please pardon the dirt and grime and be grateful this is not a scratch and sniff presentation.
Every day it clouded up in the afternoon and rained for about an hour. I just love this pic of Abi, Tal, and Walker toughing it out in their rain ponchos by the fire. Unfortunately the rain brought out the mosquitoes and we were eaten alive. My poor girls got it the worst, it must be because they are so sweet. The fire pit is the heart of our community. We gather around first thing in the morning with our hot chocolate. We eat most of our meals around the fire. And at night after a relaxing soak at Sharkey Hot Springs we would roast our marshmallows and starburst, talking and laughing until we would drift off bit by bit for bed.
The greater part of our days was spent riding the trails on the four wheeler. Leah was too little to wear a helmet or to go very far or fast so we took turns staying with her in camp. But she loved little rides around camp or down the road a little ways and would beg " Four Wheeler?"
One morning we entertained the kids by helping them build tinfoil boats to float down the ditch.
The tinfoil regatta sets sail. They would pick them up at the little bridge and bring them back to the put in over and over until they looked more like tinfoil balls than boats. Tal and Walker also entertained themselves by building a small dam in the ditch to create a waterfall and splashing about in the pool behind.
Every year our first ride is up to Chief Tendoy's grave site, or "the crystal" as Tal calls it. It is a beautiful site overlooking the Lemhi valley, no wonder he couldn't leave. Each year the valley calls us back as well to enjoy the beauty of the hills, flowers, river and family.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Activity Day Camp

I have a soft spot for the Activity Days for Girls Program. I was the leader in our ward until I was called into the Relief Society Presidency. I begged and pleaded not to be released, but alas, it was not to be. The Activity Days Leader is THE BEST calling in the church. So when our ward needed a second leader to go to Day Camp at the last minute I was thrilled (once I got the babysitting arranged). I had a fantastic day getting "Wet and Wild" with my daughter Abi and the other girls at Krupp Scout Hollow.
One of our first stations was the Dunking Booth. My little Abi hopped right up to be the first one in line. She was so brave. She hit her head and came up spluttering but after toweling off, she was back in line to do it again.
I challenged all of the girls that if they would get dunked, I would. Sadly, they did not all catch the vision of "Wet and Wild" days until a few stations in. But I saw 2 other leaders get dunked, and I guess you lead by example. I was a little nervous, the water was very cold, but it was a blast.
We played water volleyball, slid down a long water slide, were soaked by basketball sized water balloons, and played water kickball and other water games. One of our favorite stations was Soccer where we played with this giant beach ball on a field where the sprinklers were going. Any lingering thoughts about any semblance of dryness were sodden as soon as the whistle blew. Oh, but it was soooo fun. Especially beating the big, burly scout staffer and his team with our team of 2 leaders and girls. Whoot Whoot!!!
Our soaking but happy group at the end of the day.

July Summer Fun

In July we were too busy out having fun to write much about it. So here is a brief rundown of some of our more notable activities.
OK, so I have to have some brag pictures about my gardens. I'm a little crazy about them. In fact, once the snow melts in the spring I'm out in my yard almost every day checking on my plants, watching their changes and generally just enjoying myself. My dianthus put on a real show this year.
My Butterfly Garden remains a work in progress but I love to see how it changes. My little heart just sings to see bees and butterflies visiting. I haven't had a humming bird yet, but I'll keep working for it. Each year I move some plants around that didn't perform so well and plant new ones. It is fun to see the changes through the season. ( Next year I'll be sure to put hoops around my Sweet William.)
A friend told us about 17 mile Cave which is appropriately 17 miles outside of town. I love little adventures like this, so we packed a lunch one Saturday and took a little day trip. Abi is really afraid of caving but after some coaxing by mom and dad and deep breathing by Abi, we got her inside and she was even able to venture a little ways in. Leah found it exciting until she got cold and had to head back for the surface. I guess I didn't think that a lava tube even in 90 degree summers is around 50 degrees. Our adventurer Tal loved it though. He took turns going deeper and deeper with mom and dad until we reached the pools at the back. Unfortunately many cavers have covered with walls with graffiti and left their litter behind, but it was a great adventure.
Leah loves my gardens almost as much as I do. Well, she loves to play with out fountain. And she loves to throw flowers in the pool. And she loves to smell, touch and pick the flowers. This evening with the sun going down, her dress and the flowers were glowing in the garden. I just had to catch her in the act.
Day at the Spray Park.
My sister, Kalene, and I treated our kids with a day out at the Spray Park. Leah thought she owned this little bubbling fountain and would furrow her eyebrows and scowl her lips whenever another little tot came to play.
I didn't think that Leah would do it, but Abi coaxed her to go down the slide. And of course after one slide, Leah wanted to go again and again. Abi would shield Leah from the spray as they ran up the stairs and but she still got soaked from the splash at the bottom.
Abi and Gabby have a little water fight in these spraying fountains.
Tal and Sterling are actually practicing their "karate" moves in the fountains although it more closely resembled a spastic dance.

Thanks to some awesome neighbors we got tickets to the Blue Angels Airshow. Now I have a few choice words for the organizers about the logistics of the shuttles and lack of food and water, but the Airshow itself was amazing. I remember my parents took me when I was probably about Abi's age. We left Leah with her Nana Meek which turned out to be a great choice. Abi and Tal got to meet "The Boss", the No 1. Blue Angel and get his autograph. I was just thoroughly impressed at the speed, power, and amazing tricks they performed.