Sunday, September 23, 2012

15 months, So big, So fun

 These little girls are the light of my life.  They love to play together and are just sooo darn cute.  Eva toddles after Leah wherever she goes and wants to do everything Leah does.  This particular afternoon we took a break from our appointments and errands and had lunch down at one of the parks by the river.  Leah and Eva love playing on the toys, especially the slides.
 Eva figured out how to crawl up the stairs on her own, toddle over to the slide and then turn around and fly down on her belly.  Oh how she giggled and squealed.  Then she would hop off and race back to the bottom of the stairs to do it again.  She was so proud of herself for learning to do it all on her own.  Eva is learning to do lots of things on her own.  She not only walks, but runs and climbs all over by herself now.  She climbs the ladder to the trampoline, the chairs up to the top of the table, and the toilet up to the counter top in the bathroom.  Eva is mastering the spoon and feeds herself pretty well now.  She has also decided that she is too big for her high chair and has instead commandeered Leah's booster seat and likes to sit at the table like a big kid.  She loves to drink straight out of a cup, and with just a small amount of liquid in her cup she is pretty good.  Eva also folds her arms for prayers and is one of the most reverent in our family. 
Eva has developed a love of books and enjoys snuggling on mom and dad's lap to read, "That's not my Kitty", "Look at This, Look at That" and many other board books.  She loves wearing her shoes now.  She will grab her shoes and bring them to me saying  "Sh, Sh... " , begging me to put them on her.  Putting your shoes on means going outside, which is one of Eva's favorites.  She loves to swing on the swing and bounce on the trampoline.  She also loves rides in the stroller and bike trailer.  Eva is cutting her molars and we have had several rough nights, but we have also had a few nights of sleeping straight through.  Go figure?  Recently Eva has discovered crayons and pencils and likes to scribble on paper.  Unfortunately I have also found a few early works on cupboard doors and walls.

Eva continues to grow and grow.  At her Dr's appointment this month she was 32.5 inches and 22 lb 12 oz.  She remains super tall, 99% for height, and just right 70% for weight.  I have even started pulling out some of the 24 months tee shirts and pants out for her to wear.  Eva's understanding is just exploding with new concepts.  Yesterday she smashed her finger in a door and while crying held out the finger, closed her lips and "Mmmm" ed for me to kiss it. At Family Home Evening we played Ring Around the Rosies and Duck, Duck, Goose both of which she loved.  The next day she kept patting people on the head and saying "duck, duck."  Eva continues to be fascinated with animals.  She has the Baby Einstein's Neighborhood Animal movie that I can put on and know that she will be enraptured for 25 minutes, long enough for a shower or to make most of dinner. Her favorite word is "No" accompanied with a little shake of her head.  But she also pinches her nose and says "tinky" for "stinky" after she has done her business. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

School Daze

Summer flew by in a blur of fun and activities.  All too soon, school was upon us and we had to re-enter the world of early mornings and schedules.  This year my brood are attending three different schools, with three different start dates, and three different schedules.  It was the beginning of September before they were all attending and we could get into the real groove of school.  But we are settled in now and I can tell that it is going to be a great year.
 Talmage is in Fourth Grade and attending a charter school this year.  We are hoping that the fast pace, more intensive academic environment, and Harbor method will challenge him and keep him engaged.
Abi is in the Sixth Grade at our neighborhood elementary.  She loves her teacher and getting to rotate to different classes.  She really enjoyed being on Student Council last year and is hoping to run again this year.
Leah was super excited to start preschool this year.  She loved picking out her special ballet slippers to wear at preschool.  She has already made friends and is excited to go each Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.  She loves coloring, singing the songs and playing with the toys.

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