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Hello Kitty 6th Birthday - May 2014

May 17, 2014

A Sweet 13 - May 2014

 May 4, 2014

May 9, 2014

Ballerina Girls - May 2014

 May 4, 2014

May 10, 2014

May Memories - 2014

I love my afternoons with this little cute.  Now that the weather has warmed up she loves to go on walks or scooter rides before we pick up the kids at the bus stop.  This is her helmet for riding scooters and fighting bad guys.

 Just a cute little picture of my sweetie.
 What up Bro?  Eva strikes a pose trying on sunglasses at Shopko.
 Also, super cute in a hat.

Now here is a picture to warm a mommy's heart.  I rounded the corner to find Leah reading to Eva then crept quietly out to grab my camera.  

Too sweet!
May 2014

Silly Girls - April 2014

Leah has not yet fallen in love with reading. But we keep working at it.  She has been reading our phonics books and doing great.  When she filled up her sticker chart from reading books she got to go to the store and pick out a new toy.  She fell in love with this Barbie set because it has a kitty that drinks and pees real water.  Oh my!

Leah is ever the entertainer.  At dinner she capped her front teeth with corn and said "Look at me!"  It definitely generated some laughs and was worth a pic.   

Not to be out-done Eva had to give it a try too.
Silly girls with their silly teeth.
April 2014

Easter - April 2014

Our kids were up and hunting for baskets and eggs bright and early.  Eva is not sure whether to eat or love her Peeps.

Eva 2 years old - LOVES this Hello Kitty Dress.
Leah 5 years old - my little fashonista.

Talmage 11 years old - all boy.

Abiela 12 years old - turning into a lovely young woman.

All of my little cuties for Easter.  We were probably a little late for church after all of the picture taking but we made it.

Vegas Baby - March 2014F

What happens in Vegas eventually winds up on my blog.  Kris and I took our first vacation since we had kids.  Well vacation for me, mostly work and a little play for Kris.  We were in Las Vegas for a Legal Zoom Conference.  Our friends Sean and Jessi Coletti came too. (I know I have pics of them somewhere.)  
 The first night we were treated to a Cirque Du Soleil show "O" at the Bellagio.  It was a wonder for the eyes.  There were so many things going on: amazing acrobatics, music, moving sets, that it was a challenge to take it in.  But what fun!

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  Check out the view from our balcony.  When we sent this pic to our kids back home with grandma, Talmage asked if we were in Paris.  
The Bellagio Fountains were one of my favorite attractions.  Loved how they were choreographed to music.
While Kris and Sean were in classes during the day, Jessi and I explored the strip.  This street performer we amazing.  How does he do that? Definitely worth a tip.

Thursday night we were treated to a scrumptious dinner.  It is fun to get dressed up and go out in Vegas.  The lights of the Strip at night are incredible.

 Now this is a limo - Vegas style.  Had to grab this pic for Tal.

On Friday Jessi and I met my good friend Angela Boyle for lunch.  The prices on the menu of the restaurant looked reasonable but we didn't realize it was a Tapas/ small plate place.   The gold flakes on my Dim Sum gave a clue to the "real" price of our lunch.  Oh well - it's not everyday we are in Vegas.  ( Also know that I have pics of Angela and I hiding somewhere on my computer)
Sean headed back home but Kris, Jessi and I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of the strip.  My feet were grateful for the small rest the got riding the tram between Casinos.  All of the cool themes were great to see.

Friday night Kris and I headed out to Freemont Street and the heart of old Las Vegas.  Friday night was a little wilder than when Kris had previously visited on a Tuesday but we spent a little while there.  Our taxi drivers were probably the most fascinating part of our excursion.  Saturday morning we pried our tired eyes open and headed back to the airport to fly home.
Thanks for the memories, Vegas.