Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Ballerina

I blinked and my little chubby cheeked ballerina grew up into a beautiful, graceful ballerina. Where did the time go?
Abi performed at her Spring Recital last week. Each year she grows more talented and graceful. I sure love to watch her dance.

A Princess Party

Leah celebrated her 4th birthday with a Princess themed party. She was thrilled to pick out invitations, decorations and crowns for each friend. The day of the party Leah adamantly dressed up in Abi's old leotard so she would look like a Princess. The other princesses didn't keep their crowns on long either but Leah loved her special day with friends: Sage, Emily and Addy.
We drew sidewalk chalk princesses and played lots of princess themed games including a castle bean bag toss, Kiss the Frog, Queen May I,and Frog Frog Princess.
But the biggest hit of he party was this pony pinata. Each girl took a few good whacks at it before the pinata unloaded its trove of goodies.
For her cake, Leah requested "pink cupcakes". I easily obliged with these pink strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. Yummy!!!
On Sunday, her real birthday, Leah enjoyed a family party with everyone. She received this adorable cupcake outfit from aunt Sarah, piles of tutus from Nana Meek, fairy wings from Walker, a music box from the Howell's and a princess sticker book from Uncle Eric. From mom and dad she got a Princess Accessory pack with dress up her bike and a new swimming pool. I'm sure many days of summer fun are just around the corner.

10 Things About Leah

  1. This funny girl lights up my life with her smile, sing song voice and funny sense of humor.
  2. Leah loves painting her fingernails, wearing tutus, dancing, crowns and fairy wings, and all things princess.
  3. Leah loves to ride her bike. Every day she wears out the sidewalk between our driveway and our neighbor's and most days cajoles someone into going with her so that she can ride on the road. Ting, Ting rings her new bell as she rides along.
  4. Leah's favorite foods are strawberries, chocolate milk, cheese sticks and candy. Thankfully she also is willing to eat almost anything else too, ( well at least 3 bites.)
  5. She loves to snuggle up on the couch and read stories. We always have library books but she often goes back to well loved favorites like Dr Suess's Sneeches and Put Me In the Zoo.
  6. Recently Leah discovered computer games. She could spend hours on or I am continually amazed at how quickly she picks things up.
  7. She is a great sister. Leah loves building forts with and pestering Talmage. She snuggles in bed with Abi and steals her Kindle. Leah entertains Eva with songs, funny faces, and playing toys with her.
  8. Pink remains her favorite color.
  9. Leah loves music. Her favorite songs are Nephi's Courage and Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam. She also loves dancing, twirling and pretending to be a ballerina like Abi.
  10. Leah has an adorable little lisp. She is getting her L's down but S's still elude her.