Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Fun

 Our leaves were just starting to fall one October afternoon when Princess Leah, Eva and I ventured outside to play.  I raked a good pile for Leah to run and jump in. 
 But Leah's favorite activity was piling leaves on Eva.
 At October's pack meeting Talmage earned his Wolf Bade in Pack Meeting.  I think he was a little excited.  Tal really enjoys going to Cub Scouts and all of the fun activities he does there and at home. 
 My little kids are the cutest Trick or Treaters.  Tal repeated as Captain Rex from Star Wars.  Leah was Princess Leah of course.  ( I didn't even have to buy a costume, just add a little make-up and sparkles.)  Eva is a sweet little bunny.  And Abi is the goddess Aphrodite.  Mom is quite remarkable with a sheet and safety pins. 
Tal and Abi carved their own pumpkins this year.  Didn't they do an awesome job.  Mom helped Leah out with hers.  She offered creative instruction. 

Eva at 4 months

 Our little sweetie muffin is growing and growing.  At her 4 month appointment she was 27 inches long and 14 lb 7.5 oz.  Eva was in the 60th percentile for her weight but her height is in the 99th percentile.  She is so long that I had to put her 3-6 month clothes away and pull out the 6-9 month box.  Eva is getting stronger and stronger and sits in her Bumbo seat well now.  While mommy gets ready in the mornings I set her Bumbo on the bathroom counter and let her talk to the baby in the mirror.  She waves her arms and coos at the baby in the mirror as well as all other babies. 
 Eva loves taking baths.  And I love lotioning her up and giving her kisses.  Her little legs are getting so chubby and she is soft and sweet.  She continues to love her nightly rub downs.  She will start giggling as soon as I start taking off her clothes.  Kris can nuzzle her in the belly and really get her laughing.  With mom she loves to grab my hair and be tickled in the face. 
 Kris pulled out the saucer for Eva to try and she loved it.  She's tall enough to stand in it and she likes to play with the toys.  Tal and Leah love to help her.  Eva also loves to put everything in her mouth for a taste and nibble.  Her favorite toys are the monkey and elephant that hang from her car seat handle.  She can pull down on the monkey to start it buzzing and she swats at the elephant to make it swing and it's bells to jingle.  So smart. 
Eva was a sweet little bunny for Halloween.  She slept through the ward Trunk or Treat though so she will have to get her candy second hand.  Eva continues to be a happy, sweet baby and we all love and spoil her so very much.