Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hop to It!

March 29, 2015

Spring Break in Idaho

March 22-27, 2015

Proud Mama Moments

Abi worked for months on her museum exhibit for National History Day spotlighting Thurgood Marshall.  She learned all about his leadership and legacy in securing civil rights not just for African Americans but for all people.  She impressed the judges and won 1st place in her flight landing  a trip to the state competition in Boise.
 March 6, 2015
Tal competed in his 5th Piano Solo Festival Competition.  He played Super Sleuth by Melody Bober and E'cossaise by Beethoven. He worked really hard to memorize and perfect his pieces.  When is came to festival time he nailed his performance and was rewarded with a perfect score of 100!
 March 13, 2015
Hugs from Mrs Rice
Every month, Tal's school recognizes an outstanding student in each grade as Citizen of the Month.  We were so proud and excited when his teacher Mrs Rice selected Talmage for the month of March.  Student of the Month is announced at an assembly and Tal was surprised to hear Mrs Rice star reading about him.  In her words:

March 20th is a Great Day to be alive!
Celebrating a Super Citizen who works hard and always strives:
    To do his best, be kind and helpful, always get his work finished on time, be creative and willing to     try new things, to cheer others on with a fun attitude, to laugh and sing, to listen and follow                 directions, to enjoy Spanish and Math Concepts.  He remembers to be happy each day, and that a       smile or a silly thought can lift others to happiness.  This awesome student loves books and                 reading.
So it is a great day to be alive,
Celebrating now with a grand high five.
In the Sixth Grade class we will seek,
An awesome Student named .......Talmage Meek!
Congrats from Principal Wendt.
March 20, 2015

Little Ladies

Somehow we became chicken owners.  A year ago, Kris spied a coop for sale at the fundraiser auction for our children's school and when the time came wildly bid on it until we won.  But with the upheaval of moving, staying with his mom, and moving again, we put acquiring the chicks on hold until this spring.  Eva and I went out to the farm to pick out our own little chicks, early in March.  We picked one for each child to name.  Sophia - an Americana for Abi.  River Song - a Rhode Island Red for Tal.  Shelly and Shiny - both Golden Sex Links for Leah and Eva.
We made a little home in the pantry for them where the kids could go look at, love and hold their chicks.

Eva especially loves the chicks.  She just goes into the pantry and pulls up her little camp chair that she brought in specifically to sit and watch our baby chicks.
 March 6, 2015
All too soon our chicks got big and stinky so we moved them into a box inside their coop in the garage.  The kids still love to go out and watch, hold and love their chickens.  This day, Eva and Daphne were learning about the Letter B and birds so we went out and held the chickens while we talked about their different parts.
 March 18, 2015

March Madness

We invited the Meek bunch over to celebrate Kris's birthday.  We love having our big dining room where we can all spread out and visit.  Eric entertained us this night with his crazy story of being persuaded to transport a veritable strangers property up to Wyoming.  He had us in stitches.
 March 1, 2015

While I was vacuuming.....  Eva found the hair mascara from Halloween.  She asks "Am I beautiful?"  March 2, 2015

Twelve and Big Milestones

It is so hard to believe that Tal is twelve already.  Time flies so quickly as they get older.  Tal chose to celebrate his birthday with a party at home with some of his friends.  They played basketball outside on his new hoop ( crazy that we can do that in February this year), ate pizza, watched Cool Runnings, and ate way too much candy and cake.  Mom chose to monitor the party from upstairs.
James, Brigham and Porter joined Tal for his big party.  This year he chose a Cherry poke cake with tons of whipped cream.
Blow out those candles son.
Friday Feb 13, 2015
Tal has really enjoyed playing basketball with his team this winter.  And with a little coaxing, Kris has enjoyed coaching Tal's team.  We were all excited to get this basketball hoop on the driveway, it has been a family dream for a while now.  Kris and Tal spent one happy Saturday afternoon/ evening assembling it together.  With such a mild winter we were playing basketball in our shirt sleeves on Valentine's day.
Feb  14, 2015
One of the greatest things about turning twelve is that Tal could be ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood and become a deacon.  He was ordained by his father, Kristopher, on Feb. 22, 2015.  We were so excited to have his grandpa, Terry Fife, and our bishop, Ryan Jensen, be there as well.
Tal and Kris

Our whole family.  
The next Sunday I fairly popped my buttons with pride as he dressed in his white shirt and tie to pass the sacrament.  
 Feb 22, 2015

Becoming 12 also means that you become fully involved in the ward scout troop.  Tal has been working hard on Merit Badges and requirements in eleven year old scouts and with his family.  He received his Tenderfoot Rank Advancement as well as merit badges in First Aid, Inventing, and Aviation.
Feb 24, 2015

Once he had received the priesthood, Tal could attend the temple to perform baptisms for the dead.  The Idaho Falls Temple was slated to close soon for renovation so we got up early on Saturday morning to attend.  Kris has been working diligently on family history on his Dad's side and had some family names for us  to perform.  We had a bit of a wait but it was a wonderful experience to all be in the temple together.  Kris baptized each of us in turn as proxies for family members who have gone before.  What a great day!
 Feb 28, 2015

10 Things about Talmage

1.  He loves video and computer games, especially Minecraft and Wizard 101.
2.  Best friends include James and Brigham.
3.  He has developed a reading bug, especially the Alex Rider series and Michael Veigh series.
4.  Tal is becoming quite the pianist.  He has been working on the simplified Hymns out of the green book and is ready to play for priesthood.
5.  His favorite food is crepes with fruit and whipped cream.
6.  His favorite TV shows are Dr Who and Studio C.  
7.  His favorite color is blue.
8.  He loves scouting, especially camp-outs and bonfires.
9. He wants to be a pyrotechnic engineer when he grows up so he can "blow stuff up."
10.  He is a great worker and helper, always willing to jump in and do his chores or help with a family project.

Daddy-Daughter Date Princess Party

While at the local library one afternoon I spied a flier for a Daddy Daughter Princess Party Fundraiser for the library.  When I ran it past Kris, he was on board.  Leah and Eva were thrilled with the idea of going on a date with their Daddy.  They could barely contain their excitement as they got ready in their Elsa dresses for their special night.

At the party their were lots of fun, princessy activities like decorating your own crown, pictures,games, balloon animals, dancing and of course refreshments.

Kris said that one of the hightlights of he evening was hearing a hundred little girls sing and dance along to "Let it Go" from Frozen. Jan 21,2015

Centered on Christ and other January Happenings

I usually hate taking down my Christmas decorations, my house looks so bare and sad afterward.  But this year I found a few surprises as I packed my decorations away.  Eva had artfully arranged both of these Nativities so that "everyone can see baby Jesus".  I especially like how in the top one the people and animals are crowded in so close to baby Jesus.  What a good reminder as we start the new year that we all should be facing toward Christ and making Him the center of our lives.
 Jan 3, 2015
I had forgotten to take pictures of our Christmas lights on our new house.  We Meeks love our Christmas lights and it was fun to arrange them  this year.  Big thanks to Papa Fife who donated his icicle lights that he was no longer using to finish covering the front of our garage.

Our winter came in a roar of snow and cold just in time for Christmas.  Aunt Sue was excited to have a white Christmas.  I think she was also glad to leave town just before the sub-zero temps hit.  Just after New Year's the temps were up to the single digits so we bundled up and ventured out for some sledding.  The drainage park at the end of our street proved to have just enough slope for a good ride but wasn't so overly long that the kids didn't tire out too quickly trudging back up the hill.  
                                                                  Abi and Daphne
Eva and Leah ride down the hill.  Abi, Daphne, Tal and Justin prepare for their rides at the top.
Abi and Justin  Jan 1, 2015
The whole family gathered to celebrate Papa's 65th birthday.  This is about as close to a smile as we can coax from him.  Jan 18, 2015
Eva and Daphne finished up their Fall Preschool block at the local high school.  They both adored going to preschool together and with the other kids.  They are looking forward to another block in the spring.  In the meantime, mom and aunt Sarah are going to take turns teaching home preschool.      Jan 14, 2015