Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leah at 11 months

I can't help myself. Leah is just too darn cute not to blog about. She turned 11 months this month and I want to know where has my little baby gone. She is growing up way too fast. ( Sad pouty face). She is adorable though. This is the grin she gives when she is excited about something, like she is running along the couch while I back up trying to get her picture. Yes, I said running. She loves to cruise along the furniture and pull up on everything. She will walk with you if you hold her hands and even stood by herself for a few seconds this morning. Then she got scared and sat down but we all cheered and clapped our hands for her, "Yeah Leah" which makes her grin and clap her hands for herself as well.
Leah is my little explorer. She loves to investigate everything from the garbage to dirt and plants. :) She adores the phone and will hold it to her face and babble. Leah does say a few words including: Mom, Dadoo ( for Dad), Leah, Abi, Peek-a-boo, thank you, and Uh-oh. Uh-0h usually accompanies throwing her food on the floor or knocking all of the soaps and toys into the tub. She also signs "I love you" by opening and closing her fists like a wave. It started with Kris waving at her at night and saying " Na-Night, I love you." So if we say "I love you" to her she will wave her little fists at us.
Oh, the adventures in eating. Leah is pretty independent in feeding herself but I can usually feed her her cereal and maybe some fruit like peaches or pears. But this particular morning she wanted to do it ALL by herself. She started out OK with the spoon but soon resorted to her fingers, ( it was faster.) We had cereal EVERYWHERE!!! She eats so many foods now but favorites are cheese, yogurt, noodles, and strawberries.
Leah loves to be outside. She will scoot over to the sliding glass door that leads to our deck and outside and pull up on it. If I get the sunscreen out she will sit so still while I put it on, even though she wriggles like a slippery eel for her normal face lotion. She loves grass and plants and dirt. She kept digging in my garden boxes while I was trying to plant. Leah loves to get on the trampoline and have us softly bounce her. Swinging is also a favorite, she will squeal as the wind blows through her hair and she swings forward. Unfortunately swinging makes mom nauseated, ( side effect of past pregnancies) so we can't do that for very long. Leah gives the best hugs and even open mouthed little wet kisses that I just love. How lucky I am to be a mom.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Abi Turns 8!!!

How did my baby get so big and grown-up? Abi is growing into a bright, beautiful, thoughtful, helpful, kind, articulate, and creative big girl. She is so excited to be 8 and be baptized soon,
( June 6th). She is also looking forward to getting her ears pierced after soccer is over. She is becoming more interested in clothes, hair and jewelry. Abi loves ballet and everything pink. She is a fantastic reader and excels in school; she is in the Discovery Program for Gifted and Talented. She enjoys reading, riding her bike, playing with friends, playing on the computer especially Webkinz, taking care of Leah and likes to help me cook. She is also becoming quite the little pianist and can play simplified Primary songs for us at FHE.
For her birthday she wanted a new bike and this one is awesome. It is a Mongoose freestyle so she can grow into rougher riding and tricks if she so desires. And of course it is a lovely pink for my girl. We took her out for pizza at Craigo's on Saturday then celebrated with family on Sunday. She requested a flower cake and also had a flower pinata'. On Monday, Nana and Papa Fife took her out to Leo's and shopping for some new clothes with her birthday money. She picked out the cutest top and skirt as well as capris. Nana said she was a great little shopper and with mom's coupon got an awesome deal on the 3 items. Abi says she's saving the rest for another Webkinz and some earrings.
Abi also competed in a " No Bullying" poster contest through her school. Out of all of the 2nd graders in Idaho Falls, she won second prize. She wrote a poem and then drew a very nice picture which she artistically outlined in marker and then shaded in crayon. ( At least that's what she told me. :) ( Spelling and capitalization as in original.)

Everyone can do it easy.
Keep you're hands to you're self.
Stop and think befor you say it

I love you Beans!

Soccer Mom Saturdays

Remember the days when Saturday morning were for sleeping in and lazing about.

Now they are for sitting on the sidelines, freezing - wrapped up in blankets, and cheering so loud and long for my kids that my voice gets hoarse. Tal and Abi are both playing AYSO Spring Soccer again this year and having a great time. Tal's team "The Fireballs" is coached by his dad, Kris. His skills are improving as is his sportsmanship. He kicked his first goal last week so I owe him an ice cream cone.

Abi's team, "The Green Goblins" are tearing it up this year. Abi is a real fiesty player, going after the ball on offense and defense. She loves to play forward and goalie. She has a really strong kick and has scored several goals as well as made goal scoring assists. She has quite the leg on her.

Leah and I hang out and cheer although she likes to scoot around and explore most of the game.