Saturday, May 26, 2012

Funny Kiddos

This little girl just cracks me up. Leah says and does some of the funniest things. Yesterday she was sitting on the potty and her pants were hanging off of her feet, one longer than the other. "Look, these are my elephants," she tells me. "This one is a big elephant, WROOOOO," she said as she raised the longer pant leg. "And this is the small elephant, wrooooooo."
This day Talmage set up a photo shoot in our basement and Leah was one of his models.
Too funny.

This was his self portrait.

Talmage wanted to play AYSO soccer this spring. Every year as we sit out it the cold and the rain to cheer on our kids I ask myself, "Why do we play Spring soccer again?!!" But Talmage has improved a lot this year and is having a blast learning some new skills. Go Buddy!!!

Eva at 11 Months

Who could resist a kiss with a face like this?
Eva has long been a fan of ice cream, but this month she discovered the joy of ice cream cones. I'm sure that I have done her a life long disservice by passing along my sweet tooth but have you ever seen a happier grin.
Eva has also learned to climb our stairs this month. She is great climbing up but has not yet figured out how to go down. She scares us as she scoots over to the edge of the stairs and peers down. She is cruising along furniture really well now and has also tried standing alone for a few seconds. But I think walking is still a couple of months away.
In this picture Eva looks so grown up. Except for bedtime when she loves to cuddle and snuggle Eva doesn't think she is a baby anymore. Eva always wants to be in the middle of the action with her sisters and brother. She loves to go outside and bounce gently on the trampoline or take rides in the bicycle trailer with Leah. She initiates peek-a-boo games at the dinner table by pulling her bib up over her face or peering around pitchers or bowls at members of the family. She loves to wave and say "Hi" to everybody. She also clenches both fists and gestures at whatever she wants or if she wants to be picked up. Eva has also developed a fondness for toothbrushes, she loves to chew on them. Hopefully that counters the ice cream habit. She has 7 teeth now, we are still waiting on that bottom incisor. I wish I could say that we all sleep soundly but Eva and I have far too many middle of the night parties. However, she can sleep through the night and will about once a week. So this weekend we are undertaking sleep training again. Uggh!!! Wish us luck. When I'm awake and 2:30 am and sleep deprived the next day I will try and remember that kissable ice cream face.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 11th Abi

Turning 11 must be the transition from girl to young lady. This year Abi wanted a luau for her party and she took the lead in planning and carrying out her party. We had a blast shopping for luau decorations at the Dollar Store and planning games, food and the movie. But when it came to party time, mom kind of stepped back into the wings and Abi directed the fun with her friends.
Party goers arrived dressed for fun. (Abi, Tal, Leah, Elle, Gabby, Taylor, McKenzie, and Aubrey) Abi gave each girl a hair flower and lei. The girls played limbo, human knot, beach volleyball and lots of other games. Everyone loved the strawberry daiquiris and pina coladas. Abi also chose Hawaiian haystacks for dinner, yummy.
Abi also found the idea for these cute beach cupcakes online. She wanted red velvet so I baked up some Georgetown Cupcake Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and Abi decorated them. They were delish but the frosting was by far the best. After presents the girls were treated to a theater experience of "Soul Surfer" which dad projected up on the wall.
For her family party Abi chose a lemon poppyseed cake which she also helped me make and decorate. She received several nice presents from family and friends but her favorite present had to wait. Abi decided that she wanted a Kindle Fire tablet and saved up all of her birthday money from mom and dad, grandmas and grandpas, and uncle Eric as well as emptied out her fun money savings. She could hardly contain herself from the Monday we ordered it to its arrival the next Monday. She loaded up on some books, games and learned to e-mail right away.

10 Things About Abi
  1. Abi is the best big sister and second mommy to the other kids. She packs Eva on her hip and lets Leah play in her ballet costumes or hair accessories. She and Tal fight a lot but at other times she is sooooo sweet and nice to him.
  2. One of the first things she did on her Kindle was to send me a sweet e-mail to tell me "I love you Mommy" and thank me for what I do for her.
  3. She loves ballet and chose it above all others for her extra activity. She is graceful, poised and talented.
  4. Abi devours books. Often she has 2 or 3 going, one for home, school, and and extra in her bag. She reminds me of me sometimes.
  5. She is learning to cook and likes it. She makes cookies, Ramen, sandwiches and more.
  6. She loves music whether it's singing along to the radio or her iPod, dancing around while we do dishes together, or scouring for new songs on the computer.
  7. Her piano playing had graduated to music and it is so nice just to listen to her play. Fast and funky songs seem to be her favorite, or at least the ones she practices the most.
  8. Abi is soooooo smart. She continues to earn straight A's, achieved super high marks on her ISAT tests, and completed the 6th grade math book in independent study ( she was in 5th grade.)
  9. She loves clothes and mixing and matching different items for a look that is fun, funky, and totally Abi.
  10. She still likes getting hugs and kisses and being put to bed each night. Don't grow up too fast.