Sunday, August 25, 2013

Color Run - I Did It!!!

On a whim, the urging of a few friends,and a little personal dare I signed up for my first 5K race since HS.  As an avid non-runner I knew this was going to be a challenge.  I started out running a block, walking a block, running a block etc. and then collapsing on my couch after a mile.  But then I got up and did it again the next day.  It never got fast but slowly I improved.  Soon I found myself looking forward to my morning runs and the quiet solitude.  A nasty twisted ankle set back my training in May but by then I had the desire.  I picked up my training about 2 weeks before the race but was nervous come race day.  The heat was sweltering and I had to walk one little section, but I completed it.  I loved the feeling of setting a goal and accomplishing it.  Over the summer I kept up my running and relished my quiet solitary runs, never fast but still "I am a runner."
July 6, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is Kris's favorite holiday and we like to celebrate it in style.  We all dress up in our red, white and blue to watch the parade from the front lawn of Cal and Cindy Ozaki.  Great seats.
Kris and Abi helped decorate our Stake Float in this years parade.  It looks nice!
What a good looking bunch of Meek's sporting our patriotism.  We all get into it for this holiday.  I am sporting an ankle brace as I heal from a nasty twist in preparation for my race.  Kris was out bright and early Fourth of July morning running the Firecracker Fun Run, maybe next year more of us can join him.  After the parade we picnicked in the Ozaki's backyard catching up with friends old and new.  We then headed for the Menan fourth of July celebration for their parade and party in the park.  The sweltering heat quickly sapped out energy though so we headed back to the Fife's for a little rest and relaxing before the fireworks.
Nana and Papa shared their new favorite spot just behind the City Building where we got front row seats to the display.  We enjoyed the slower pace of the Menan Fireworks and the beauty of each one did not disappoint.
That Friday we gathered at Nana Meek's with our Meek family for out annual firework show.  Every year I think Kris has the most fun, but our kids are catching up quickly as they assume more of the lighting duties.
They really enjoyed these smoke bombs this year.
Eva was a little scared but also fascinated by her sparklers.
Kris, as head lighter, lit each sparkler and then doled the out to the flurry of kids circling around him, hopefully not too dangerously.
Leah is really getting into it this year.
Kris and Co. put on quite a show this year with fountains, ground bloomers, fliers, and even a few Roman Candles and bottle rockets.  But our pack of aerials stole the show.  Pure joy was etched on Kris's (and everyone else's) face.

Story time with Daddy

Nothing is better than freshly washed little girls snuggling up for story-time with Daddy.  Daddy is the favorite, that is why he is reading and I am taking the picture.  Sweet Dreams.
July 3, 2013

Pine Basin is the Best

Abi and her cousin Gabby Howell spent a week at Pine Basin Summer Camp, a sleep away camp owned and operated by our school district, up the Teton Valley from Swan Valley.  Abi loved the week away hiking, playing water games, learning about nature and conservation, taking a field trip to Jackson Hole, staying up late and having fun.  On Thursday night, it is Parent's Night so we drove up to check on our Abi.  Her allergies were bothering her eyes, but otherwise she and Gabby were doing great.  Abi sang songs and performed in a skit at the campfire.  Then she toured us around showing us the shelter she and Gabby built, their crafts and their bunk house.
With a kiss and a hug we left her in good hands for the Staff Chase and a late night of fun before we would pick her up tired, dirty and a little smelly the next afternoon.
June 27, 2013